Sustainable stabilization and encapsulation technology


Speximo was founded 2012 as a spin-off from Lund University together with Lund University Innovation Systems. The researchers behind the technology, Malin Sjöö, Marilyn Rayner, Petr Dejmek and Anna Timgren had then been developing the patent pending technology for several years. The technology was initially developed for targeted release in functional food products within the Antidiabetic Food VINN Excellence Centre. 2011 Speximo entered the business incubator at Ideon Innovation and started a focused business development. 2012 Speximo won the Venture Cup national final as the next growth company with a strong business plan. 2013 Speximo expanded and moved to SmiLe Incubator (former Lund Life Science Incubator) at Medicon Village. Starting from the initial food technology and engineering then other application areas were tested, such as pharmaceutical formulations and cosmetics. The main focus is now on personal care products.



  • Marketing and production 
  • First time exhibiting at InCosmetics, Paris
  • Encapsulation and formulation support sales


  • Market activities
  • Formulation support and development


  • Business angel invesment
  • Scale up of ingredient production


  • Moves to new facilities at Medicon Village
  • Initial test sales of lab produced material


  • Speximo AB founded
  • Wins Venture Cup National business plan competition
  • IKS Accelerator support
  • Wins SKAPA Skåne Innovation Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel
  • Obtain funding from Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency, within the program VinnVerifiering


  • Market investigations
  • Entered Ideon Innovation business incubator


  • Research, product development and business development


  • Research project financed by AFC (Antidiabetic Food Centre) Vinn Excellence centre, Lund University, Targeted delivery for controlled release of encapsulated bioactive substances. Performed at the Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition