Sustainable stabilization and encapsulation technology

Speximo at TechConnect

On May 22-25 Speximo present our encapsulation technology at TechConnect World Innovation Conference and  Expo in Washington DC. Novel encapsulation technology based on Pickering emulsion systems are presented in the Materials for Personal/Home Care and Cosmetics section. Samples are displayed at both 300 hosted by Business Sweden.


From the conference publication:

"A novel technology based on using particles of biological origin was recently developed for stabilising emulsions. This technology, that utilises Pickering emulsions, was further employed to encapsulate different types of active substances. Advance development and refinement of the technology has been performed in order to suit different encapsulation purposes in areas within personal care, food and pharmaceuticals. Some areas where this technology has been tested include taste masking in food systems, encapsulation and protection of a cosmetic active, production of oil filled powder encapsulates, and on-skin performance."