Sustainable stabilization and encapsulation technology


Speximo´s technology can be used to encapsulate substances for purposes varying from storage protection to delayed or targeted release. Components of very different properties can be encapsulated, ranging from lipophilic components in the oil phase to water soluble components to be encapsulated in sophisticated double emulsion systems. During emulsification, oil drops are formed and the emulsifying particles being packed on their surface. The emulsifyer thereby forms an encapsulating barrier. An additional feature of using our emulsifying product is its ability to swell during heating. By careful heat treatment, the coverage will be improved and the sealed encapsulating barrier controlled. The barrier thickness and density can then be further adjusted.

Intact particles
stabilizing an emulsion drop
Particle swelling sealing
the emulsion drop surface

A schematic picture showing the changes of the barrier caused by heating.

 .  Oil
 .  Particles